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Integrated Pest Management School IPM

Adopting Models for School IPM

Information and a list of current IPM STAR Certified schools can be found on the IPM Institute of North America website.

Four Washington School Districts Become IPM STAR Certified

Four school districts—Kelso, Mukilteo, Lake Washington and Federal Way Public Schools—earned IPM Star certification for sustainable pest management practices. Learn more about this multi-district implementation.

Marysville SD Earns IPM STAR Certification

Marysville School District has earned IPM STAR certification. Marysville has detailed IPM policy and measures their IPM success on changes made in product types used, quantities used, and focusing on pest prevention by working school staff.

Colville School District passes rigorous inspection to achieve IPM STAR Certification

Colville School District implemented an IPM program to create a healthy learning and working environment for students, staff, and the Colville community.

Pasco School District students, staff, and parents work together to keep schools safe and healthy

Pasco School District’s IPM STAR-certified IPM program relies on monthly inspections and monitoring reports to manage IPM practices in the district’s 19 facilities and 124 portable classrooms.

Walla Walla Public Schools earns IPM STAR Certification for district

The Walla Walla Public Schools IPM program serves over 7,000 students and staff in 10 schools. By emphasizing inspection and accurate identification of pests, the district has been able to address many of their ant problems through improved sanitation.

South Kitsap School District (SKSD) Becomes Second in State to Achieve IPM Star Status

How does a school system get selected to serve as a pest management role model for others in the state? It helps to have an administration and staff that are committed to achieving effective, least-toxic pest control. That quality has made South Kitsap School District a participant in the model schools IPM program started by Washington State University.

Bellevue School District is the fourth program in Washington State to earn IPM STAR certification

Bellevue School District used the IPM STAR certification process to learn where to improve control of pests and reduce pesticide use. They are the 27th program in the nation to earn IPM STAR status.

North Thurston Public Schools’ Integrated Pest Management program was initiated in 1991 to address the district’s mission to ensure the safety of students and staff

One of the earliest in the nation, it was developed largely through trial and error, with frequent evaluations and adjustments. Now running on all cylinders, the program has been recognized with IPM STAR certification after passing a rigorous, 37-point inspection of its pest management policies, programs and facilities.

Vancouver Public Schools Seventh in Nation to Earn IPM STAR Certification

Vancouver Public Schools has become only the seventh school district in the nation to earn IPM STAR status from the Integrated Pest Management Institute of North America based in Madison, Wis. for its management of pests and pesticide hazards.

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