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Integrated Pest Management School IPM

Greenhouse IPM for School Teachers

The principles of IPM are well suited for managing greenhouse pests. Prevention, exclusion, monitoring, biological controls, and least-toxic chemical controls can help you manage greenhouse pests and make the greenhouse experience an enjoyable and useful part of a school’s curriculum. Using IPM in the greenhouse can reduce the need to use chemical controls with their associated regulatory requirements.

WARNING! The following links may reference specific pesticides that may or may not be legal to use in Washington; to determine if a pesticide is legal to use in Washington see WSU’s Pesticide Information Center Online (PICOL). If you purchase pesticides online, be aware of the hazards. Online pesticide distributors may offer pesticides for sale to Washington residents that are not registered in Washington and are restricted to licensed users. Typically, online distributors do not verify registration or license status. Use PICOL to determine if the pesticide is registered for use in Washington and whether or not a pesticide license is required to purchase or use the product. Purchasing and using a pesticide that is not registered in Washington or which requires a license may result in violations of Washington State laws. Finally, be sure that the pesticide you want to purchase conforms to your school’s IPM policy and maintenance and purchasing practices.

Teaching greenhouse IPM in school (with other links to gardening and composting in school). Includes lessons by grade level, sample IPM plans, and other lessons such as pest monitoring and identification.

Greenhouse IPM from the University of Connecticut including fact sheets on pests, educational programs, and greenhouse management and engineering.

IPM for Greenhouse Crops from the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA). General greenhouse IPM is discussed as well as specific information on managing insects, diseases, and mice.

Publications on Sustainable Aphid, Thrip, and Whitefly Control from the ATTRA.

IPM for greenhouse and nursery crops (Utah State University) – a slide presentation on IPM basics and specific information on common greenhouse pests.

Greenhouse publications, such as a greenhouse IPM manual that includes lessons and activities for high school students.

Suppliers of biological control agents (from the Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers)

(pdf) Information available as a PDF document. You may require additional software to view or print this document. Wikipedia maintains a list of some options, if you do not already have suitable software.