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Integrated Pest Management School IPM

Other IPM Websites & Resources

(Video) Integrated Pest Management for Turfgrass

A Classroom InPESTigation
Life Science IPM Curriculum for Grades 3-5.

Texas – Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD (courtesy of Johnny Hibbs)
TIMES School IPM Presentation, Room Inspection Checklist, and Environmental Quality Checklist

University of Florida – Integrated Pest Management for Schools
This website provides excellent IPM in Schools information for parents, administrators, faculty and maintenance staff. It is supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National IPM Network.

Nebraska School IPM
This website “IPM Easy as ABC” has administrator information, guidelines to start using IPM, results of a survey of school officials, and an IPM How-to Manual.

Illinois’ Practical Guide to Management of Common Pests in Schools
This webpage provides tips for controlling insects, spiders and rodents; definition for IPM; and information on how to develop an IPM program for schools. It was developed by University of Illinois Extension, the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Structural Pest Control Advisory Council, and the Illinois Pest Control Association.

United States Environmental Protection Agency – IPM In Schools
This official U.S. government website has a collection of publications, information on grants, and partnerships related to the advancement of integrated pest management in schools.

IPM Institute of North America, Inc.
This website provides a guide for assessing a school’s pest management program.

Resources & References for School IPM
This website has a list of resources, such as books and videos, on IPM.

(pdf) Information available as a PDF document. You may require additional software to view or print this document. Wikipedia maintains a list of some options, if you do not already have suitable software.