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Integrated Pest Management School IPM

Workshops & Training Opportunities

WSU Urban IPM and Pesticide Safety Education Program
Provides recertification and pre-license training for pesticide applicators with an emphasis on integrated pest management, environmental protection and personal safety.

Washington State Pest Management Association
(WSPMA) WSPCA / UNIVAR USA seminar schedule

The Center for Urban Horticulture conducts a series of education programs for professionals in the horticulture and tree care industries.

Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators
(WAMOA) Conference and trade show information is available at the website.

Saving Water Partnership
A website to help you reduce the amount of water you use at home and at work. Cutting back on the water we use is good for the environment, for wildlife, and for salmon, and for our future.

Introduction to Pesticides for Retail Employees
This online, 40-minute training course is for retail and garden center employees and others who advise residents about home and garden pesticides. It gives basic information about types of pesticides, selecting pesticides, and pesticide safety.

IPM in Multifamily Housing Training Program
Provides information on the management of indoor pests such as cockroaches, rodents, and bed bugs in multifamily housing. Resources include training materials for public housing authorities, and factsheets and educational videos for tenants.

Video: Biological Control with Ciscoe Morris
Ciscoe Morris describes how he was able to turn Seattle University into one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States using IPM.

Managing Rats and Mice at Schools
Dr. Dawn Gouge from the University of Arizona presentation with contributions from Bobby Corrigan.

First Annual Washington School IPM Coalition
Highlights from the May 5, 2010 meeting.

PNW School IPM Consortium
A summary of the PNW School IPM Consortium’s April 2013 strategic planning session.

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