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Integrated Pest Management School IPM

Landscaping to Prevent Pests

Resource Efficient Natural Landscaping: Design—Build—Maintain from the Seattle Public Utilities and King County’s Local Hazardous Waste Managment Program is a guide for landscape professionals on applying a natural approach to landscaping when designing, building, and maintaining a site.

Green Scaping: The Easy Way to a Greener, Healthier Yard is an Environmental Protection Agency brochure intended for a general audience that provides information on building and maintaining health soil, planting right for your site, practicing smart watering, adopting a holistic approach to pest management, and practicing natural lawn care.

The University of California Guide to Healthy Lawns is an online site for home gardeners and managers of parks, school grounds, and other low-maintenance turf on all you need to know to grow a lawn using little or no pesticide.

Landscape Design & Water Quality is a University of California factsheet on how to create a landscape design that reduces pesticide and fertilizer runoff and conserves water.

The SITES Snapshot recorded webinar series provides very detailed information for those who design, construct, operate, and maintain landscapes on both the SITES program (a comprehensive, voluntary rating system for sustainable landscapes) and the benefits of sustainable landscapes.

The intent of the Soil BMP manual is to help professionals in the land development and landscape industries understand and implement the Washington State Department of Ecology “Best Management Practice” (BMP) for soil quality.

San Francisco’s Pest Prevention by Design Guidelines is a reference for architects, engineers, builders and the green building community on ways to design pests out of buildings.

The Washington Stormwater Center provides a Low Impact Development (LID) library with resources to help landscape professionals reduce the impacts of stormwater on streams, lakes, wetlands, and coastal areas.

Other Pest Management Resources

(pdf) Information available as a PDF document. You may require additional software to view or print this document. Wikipedia maintains a list of some options, if you do not already have suitable software.